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FauxMaster® 9" Rolling Sponge
Why dab when you can roll with FauxMaster!

  • Sponge painting has never been so quick and easy!
  • Even troublesome corners are a breeze with the
    SpongeMaster Corner Roller.

Create beautiful faux effects with our Patented 9” faux rolling sponge. This can be used for a one color or a multi color layering effect. This rolling sponge allows you to paint a room easier and faster than the old way of dabbing, and gives you a more uniform effect. Fits all standard paint frames and can be used with all oil and water based paints. Being a synthetic material, this roller can be re-used.   


Step 1
Paint on base coat and allow to dry

Step 2
Add faux finish color with rolling sponge

Step 3
Use a dry roller to soften the faux effect



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