Specialty Tools

Be A Faster Painter
Description: This revolutionary tray will help keep you on the wall. This tray fits comfortably onto your hand and it will allow you to cut and roll while you are on your ladder. It also reduces the repetition of bending over and going up and down your ladder. This patent pending tray offers many different features. The legs will allow you to use this as a regular tray for your pole work. It has two notches that will allow this tray to attach to most aluminum ladders on the backside and pull strap around rung to secure. The front tray has a magnet that holds your brushes and any other tools in place.  “Stay on the wall and do it all”. 


12" & 22" Magic Trowel Kit
Description: This kit includes a handle, 22” and a 12” blade. This patented product is great for splaying any compounds with out leaving those annoying trowel lines.

Available at the following locations: All-Wall | Tool Source | Bon Tool| Tool Pro

Red Set Hardener Liquid Accelerator
Description: Red Set is a liquid accelerator for one-day compounds. Works great on all projects from small repairs to large finishing jobs. For small projects such as repairs and patches, simply add 2-3 capfuls of red set to bread pan or hawk. For larger batches, mix compound per manufacture’s directions and add approx. 4oz of Red Set per 5 gallons of compound.

Note: compounds differ from manufacturer to manufacture. Setting times of each brand will differ slightly. Red Set is concentrated; for first time use, fill bottle and shake well. Shake well before each use.


36" & 48" Rigid and Flexible New Edge
Description: These blades slide onto any paint shield. These re-usable blades will help you with controlling your over spray and build up on your paint shield. Simply remove the blade once paint build up is too much and put on clean blade. This allows you to continue spraying with out to stopping and scrap your paint shield. We also offer a flexible blade for uneven surfaces so you can eliminate blow by.


Paint Trays
Description: TexMaster also offers a Plastic 18” paint tray to accommodate the larger rollers. We also offer a 1-gallon capacity plastic paint tray with deep well. TexMaster also offers a plastic 5-gallon paint grid.



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