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Change ordinary to extraordinary with the SpongeMaster
faux painting kit!

This kit is for a two color painting application. This blends two colors together simultaneously, giving you a beautiful sponge faux effect. As with all of our kits the rollers are a large diameter so they can hold more paint and cover a large area. These kits come with a dual tray, low profile handle and corner rolling sponge. Our low profile Y handle helps you put even pressure on both ends of the roller. We recommend that you use a dry ½ “ nap dry roller to soften your effect while paint is still wet.




Choose two colors that compliment your
room and blend them together with the
rolling sponge.

Soften the sponge effect with a standard,
dry paint roller.

SpongeMaster Packaging

SpongeMaster is available at
the following locations:



Prepare work area:
• Cover floor and tape off trim on walls. Also cover any adjoining ceilings or walls that you do not want to get paint on.

Prepare Tools:
• Wash your double-sided rolling sponge and squeeze out excess water but do not dry. 

Prepare Paint:
• Choose two different color that enhance your decor, refer to color swatches for easy color combinations. Pour equal amounts of each color into the double-sided paint tray.

• Apply the two different colors to the surface in a rotating fashion to create a blending effect. Turn the roller over and change the angle of your arm and hand to create a random pattern
• For a different effect paint the walls first with a lighter base color. The first color will show through for a distinct effect.
• If you would like to blend and soften the faux effect, try a regular 1/2" roller over painted areas while the paint is still wet.
• If you would like more of a dramatic look, blend and soften as described above then re apply fresh paint (the first two colors you have chosen) using the double-sided rolling sponge. Be sure to rotate the arm and hand to create a random pattern

• To finish the corners, use a paint brush to apply the lighter of your two chosen colors into the angle.  While paint is still wet, apply the darker color over the lighter with your corner rolling sponge.
• Blend the two colors the the corner rolling blender.

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